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Our most popular program in the gym. Broken down into two phases, Performance and Growth & Development both of these phases offer the widest variety of both strength and conditioning. This program delivers individuals a fun, challenging, and rewarding path to achieve a high level of fitness through a one hour guided class where your coach will educate and challenge you but also inspire you to push beyond your limits in a safe setting.



Great Woods has always believed strength and power as a primary skill for all. You want to be healthy, build a foundation and platform under you and get strong! One of the best ways to express this is with Olympic Weightlifting. Our program is designed to teach both beginners and experienced athletes the foundational principles of strength training in a controlled setting, with coaching focused on attention and detail. This program will be centered around two major lifts, the snatch and clean & jerk. Our goal is to get you as proficient as possible in both lifts and to build familiarity with the barbell either in a crossfit setting or on a competition platform.




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