Diary of a Confused Gym Goer


Diary of a Confused Gym Goer

Diary of a Confused Gym Goer


I’m motivated and excited to get in the gym for a killer workout. It’s been a few days because I’ve been so busy! First, it will be twenty minutes on the treadmill, then about twenty-five minutes of lower body exercises, and I’ll finish with a solid fifteen minutes of core work.

As I approach the treadmill, I’m immediately disappointed…

There is only one left open and it is between two people running at 90 mph. Frustrated and feeling uncomfortable jogging lightly on a treadmill between two gazelles, I head off to the bikes – not what I wanted to do but it works. Ten minutes into the bike I’m bored because I wanted to be on the treadmill, so I bag it and head for the lower body area. Perfect- All of the equipment is open so I’m going to get my squats done. I read the brief description on the squat machine and start with a light weight ten times. As I finish rep 9, I feel like somebody’s watching me. I glance over my shoulder and sure enough, someone is watching me.


Well, this is awkward. I’m just going to finish and pretend he isn’t watching me. As I rack the bar he starts walking over.

Oh no, what is he going to say?

“You know you’re doing that all wrong, right?”

“Thank you”

I know what I’m doing, right? Wait, is he right? Should I be doing something different?

Maybe he is wrong; how does he know?

He walks away so I decide to do another set, but I feel like I’m being watched, and yep, he is totally still watching me!

This is uncomfortable; I’m just going to skip legs and finish my core work at home. I lasted twenty minutes in the gym today‚Ķ disappointed.

Obviously, this is an experience no one should ever have.

We takes great pride in creating an environment where everyone, regardless of skill level, is comfortable, motivated, and excited to train. We take the guesswork out: you are going to come in the gym and get in a solid hour of phenomenal training everyday. The only people watching you are our highly skilled coaches and they are not only watching, but also correcting, improving, and empowering you to be better.

We can say this without hesitation: we have the best atmosphere and environment to allow you to feel comfortable, self-assured, and ready to hit the gym as often as possible. We can’t wait to see you!