CrossFit – Sat, Dec 24


CrossFit – Sat, Dec 24


Friday 9th NO 5:30pm



December 23rd 5:30am/9:30am only NO PM classes

December 24th 8:30AM

December 25th/26th Closed

December 31st 8:30AM

January 1st Closed

Great Woods Fitness & Performance – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

In teams of 3…

60 Calorie Row and Bike in sync ( 1 person resting while two are working, swithcing as needed)

60 Thruster and Power clean 95/65 ( two barbells – 1 person resting while athlete 1 is power cleaning and athlete two is chipping away at thrsuter)

80 DB Snatch and KB swing ( done the same as above )

80 Toe to bar ( two athlete in sync one resting )

60 Calorie Row and Bike in sync

60 Box jump and Front squat 95/65 ( done same as previous two movements)

80 Sync Bar facing burpee ( two athletes work, one resting )

80 Bar muscle up/Chest to bar pull up

60 Calorie Row and Bike sync

60 S2OH and HSPU ( done same as previous two movements )