CrossFit – Wed, Dec 21


CrossFit – Wed, Dec 21


Friday 9th NO 5:30pm



December 23rd 5:30am/9:30am only NO PM classes

December 24th 8:30AM

December 25th/26th Closed

December 31st 8:30AM

January 1st Closed

Great Woods Fitness & Performance – CrossFit

Warm Up & Mobility

Shoulder mobility banded stretch

Pec stretch

Bike/ Row/ or Ski x 3:00


Clean (Every :90 seconds x 8
Clean + Hang clean + front squat

80% across )

Crossbody March (No Measure)

Using 2 KB one in front rack one in farmers hold
Marching in place ** great substitute for carries
:30 second march left side front racked

rest :15-:30

:30 second march right side front racked

resting 1:00 between sets x 3 sets

Floor Press (No Measure)

Using 2 DB lying flat on your back with the floor being your stop point chest
press DB’s to a fully extended position, lowering controlled
4 Sets

12-15 Reps

resting 1:00 Between each set

with as heavy as possible for all reps and no pain

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for time-

20 Plank shoulder taps

10 Burpee

12 Calorie row

10 Alt DB snatch

10 Box jump

12 Calorie row

20:00 CAP


Snatch (Every :90 x 8 sets
Snatch pull+ Hang snatch + snatch + OHS
70% of squat snatch and build to nothing more than 85% it feeling great
– goal solid successful reps here )

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for time:

15 Toe to bar

15 Burpee

30 Double under

15 DB Alt snatch 50/35

15 Box jump 24/20

30 Double under

20:00 CAP