CrossFit – Wed, May 31


CrossFit – Wed, May 31


Internal partner Comp. July 22nd! Sign up on whiteboard with your partner!

GYM will be CLOSED June 14th Wednesday for wedding (Jess/Jake) Steve away as well,and a coaches summit- away(Corrin/Julie) – sorry for inconvenience. WE WILL HAVE OPEN GYM 6:30-8:30am this day!

Great Woods Fitness & Performance – CrossFit

Warm Up & Mobility

Banded shoulder stretch

x 3 sets

1:00 any cardio

12 Russian swing

12 goblet squat

8/8 Crossover Single leg RDL


Strict press (6/4/2/6/4/2)

Every 90 seconds x 6 sets
Heavier than last week

Metcon (Time)

16:00 on the clock:

400m Run

30 DB Thruster

30 Calorie Bike

30 Slam ball

400m Run

– remaining time Plank hold ( resting as needed )


Clean Complex (heavy for the day
**Bar can be dropped after power )

Every :90 seconds x 8 sets building
Power clean + squat clean + hang squat clean

Metcon (Time)

For time:

35 Calorie Bike

25 Thruster 115/75

800m Run

25 Power clean

35 Calorie Bike