Partner Saturday


Partner Saturday

Great Woods Fitness & Performance – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

Teams of 4 (Games inspired fun)

For time-

20 bar facing burpee – 2 athletes synchronized

200m run – 2 athletes synchronized

Switch movements – repeat 3 more times **

30 clean and jerk – split between 2 athletes

30 snatches – split between 2 athletes

@ 135/95.. 115/80.. 95/65

(Scaled cleans part 1 … thrusters part 2 75/55)

Switch and complete opposite movement **

40 sync toe to bar – 2 athletes synchronized (scaled knee raises)

400m run – 2 athletes synchronized

Switch movements- repeat 1 more time **
First couplet- Partners A/B will complete 20 synchronized BFB while partners C/D complete a 200 run synchronized

They will then switch movements only when both groups are completely done the round they are working on then

Partners C/D will complete 20 BFB while A/B complete 200 run etc for 4 total rounds (2 each)


A/B complete 30 C&J between the two while C/D complete 30 snatch between the two they will then switch only when each group completes what they are working on. If a group is not finished they would then get a rest. Same as above.

Second couolet- Runs, toe to bar are going to be identical as first, except just one switch off